right around this time of year as the days get darker and my outdoor activity I begin to day dream about what I might do next year. Great! Where to? There's so much public land to see and so many cool places to go! What about some of those famous places you see in magazines or more commonly, Instagram? Places such as The Wave and Zion National How do you get there?

Paria Canyon (Wire Pass, Buckskin Gulch and White House)


Overnight Permits:

  • Advanced permit is required for overnight use and can be used for up to 10 people in the same area
  • Permits are available 3 months in advance on the 1stt of the month at noon MST
  • Fee is $5 per person, per day


Day Use Permits:

  • Day use permits are available at the trailhead
  • Fee is $6 per person, per day



  • Only 20 people are allowed into the canyon daily
  • Dogs are allowed and do not count against the total number for permit
  • Permits must be picked up in person at the Paria Contact Station in Kanab


Zion National Park


$5 fee for

  • Reservation applications are available 3 months prior
  • Advance lottery applications (the Subway and Mystery) are available 3 months prior
  • Last minute drawing applications are available 7-2 days prior


Permit Cost:

  • $15 for 1-2 people
  • $20 for 3-7 people
  • $25 for 8-12 people


Permits required for

  • Backpacking
  • Canyoneering (made up to 3 months in advance, and available starting on the 5th of each month at 10am MST. If they are still available, reservations can be made up until 5pm on the day before your trip)
  • Overnight Climbing
  • Day Hikes in the Subway and the Narrows


The Wave


Advance Lottery:

  • Lottery fee is $5
  • Permits are $5 per person, per day


Walk in Lottery:

  • At 9am in Kanab at the Visitor Center (closed weekends from November 15 to March 15, so those dates are given out the Friday prior)
  • Permits are $5 per person, per day


Half Dome


Permits distributed via lottery from


Pre-Season Lottery

  • Open during the month of March
  • Give out 225 permits per day
  • Lottery fee is $10
  • Permit fee is $10


Daily Lottery

  • Give out 50 permits per day
  • Apply 2 days before desired date, and find out night before desired date



  • Cables are usually up from Memorial Day to Columbus Day


Grand Canyon Rim to Rim


No permit is required for a day hike


Backcountry Permit

  • Required for overnight camping
  • Fill out and send in backcountry permit request form (select Cottonwood Campground)
  • Fee: $10 per person





  • North to South or South to North
  • You will need to arrange for a shuttle
  • North to South is easier


While this is not a comprehensive list, hopefully it gives you a feel for how and where to seek out permits for your future adventures.