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The 10 Must Visit College Football Stadiums

BY Gear Obsession |
November 18, 2016

College football – there’s nothing like it. It is the ultimate, it has more passion than any NFL game will ever have. No question it’s more exciting than the NBA, and it’s the only sport that 

can rival the MLB in tradition. There are 128 FBS teams to cheer for, or against! What more can you ask for? I guess a better postseason for starters and no one-and-dones.  As huge fans of college football, travel, adventure, and tradition, we put together The 10 must visit college football stadiums based on awesomeness. Personal expiernce, setting, view, tradition, stadium history, capacity, and passion of the home team fans all went into our very scientific study.

  1. University of Washington – Husky Stadium (Capacity 70,178)


There is not a more beautiful or scenic setting for a football game, college or professional, than Husky Stadium. The Stadium is shaped in a U and opens up the shores of Lake Washington, providing an incredible view of the lake, the city, Mt. Rainier, the CasCade Mountains and the Olympic Mountain Range. For the full experience, take a sail boat, yacht (if you’re loaded), or kayaks to the game. Due to it’s unique design, Husky Stadium is the loudest stadium in College Football. In 1992 vs the Cornhuskers Husky stadium set the the sound record for college football at 133.6 decibels, 3.6 decibels over the “pain” level. #PurpleReign

2. LSU – Tiger Stadium (102,231)


No matter where you live, at some point in your life, go to a night game at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. College football enthusiasts around the country, even die hard Alabama, Ole Miss, and Gator fans who have visited ‘Death Valley’ for an evening game will admit the magicalness of the atmosphere is unrivaled in sports anywhere. #AllForLSU

3. Notre Dame – Notre Dame Stadium (80,795)



Notre Dame Stadium is one of the most iconic foot stadiums in college football and home to the most iconic team. The home of the Fighting Irish is one of the few places left in sports that is not plastered in corporate sponsorships, and flashy lights. Although recently renovated, walking into Notre Dame Stadium is a bit like walking back in time, and it seems to make the game a bit more special. If you sit in the east stands you’ll have a view of Touchdown Jesus too!

4. UCLA – The Rose Bowl (92,542)



“The Grand Daddy of Them All” – The Rose bowl is the most iconic stadium in all of college football and is right up there with Fenway, Wrigley, Lambeau, Madison Square Garden, and Cameron Indoor in terms of history, prestige, and tradition. Ask any college football player which stadium they want to play in and many will answer the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl is the “Grand Daddy of Them All,”

5. Army – Michie Stadium (41,684)
Michie Stadium, Home the Army Black Knights, is located on the campus of the U.S. Militarh Academy in West Point and is the 7th oldest in stadium in the country. A game at Army is not your typical college game day experience, it is much more special. Get to campus a few hours before the game, no other program matches the pregame pageantry of Army. And you can’t help but cheer along with the thousands of Army Cadets in the stands, known as the 12th knight. If you’re lucky enough to score a ticket, don’t miss the Army vs Navy game. There is nothing else like it in all of sports.

6. Alabama – Bryant-Denny Stadium (101,821)



Alabama Football is dominant religion is Tuscaloosa and as long as Nick Saben is there and we don’t see the trend changing. Take a stroll around the stadium before kickoff and you will see every type of houndstooth clothing you can imagine, and some you that you can’t imagine as well. Bama fans are as football savvy as any in the country, and for good reason some of the must cocky as well. #RollTide  

7. Michigan – The Big House (107,601)



The Big House is the largest college football stadium in the country and one of the highest capacity stadiums worldwide. The Big House holds the record for the most people to ever attend a college football game when they packed 115,109 people in to see the Wolverines take on the Fighting Irish.

8. Nebraska – Memorial Stadium (85,000)


Any team that can make corn husking cool has something special going on. Memorial Stadium is home to the longest streak of sell outs in College football. It hasn’t had an empty seat, or at least an unsold ticket since October of 1962. For that reason alone, it should be on any list of best college venues. Husker fans are as proud as any fanbase of their team but are also amongst the most welcoming to visiting fans. Clearly the fans excel at wearing the team colors, a game at at Memorial has got to be the most red you’ll ever see in your life.

9. BYU – Lavell Edwards Stadium (63,725)


Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah is the most underrated stadium and gave experience in the country. It ranks right up there with Washington’s Husky Stadium in terms of its setting and surrounding beauty. The stadium is tucked up right against the towering Wasatch Mountain Range which provides the most unique view in college football. People in Denver think they live close to the Rockies, but until you can throw a stone from top row of your stadium and hit the mountains, you’ve got nothing on Provo and Lavell Edwards Stadium.

10. Ohio State – Ohio Stadium (104,944)


Ohio Stadium and the Buckeyes football team have been so popular they’ve had to expand the stadium from 60,000 to 104,944. Buck Eye fans are 2nd to none (well, maybe 2nd to Alabama fans, we’ll let them hash that out) when it comes to loyalty to their program. 100,189 people attended their pre-season football inter team scrimmage… yes, you read that right, PRE-SEASON, SCRIMMAGE, a practice game. As Allen Iverson said, “List, we talkin about Practice! Not a game, we talkin about practice man, I mean how silly is that?” Ain’t nobody got time for that, except for Ohio State Fans.

Honorable Mentions

  • USC – The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  • Texas A&M – Kyle Field
  • Clemson – Memorial Stadium
  • Wisconsin – Camp Randall Stadium
  • Georgia – Sanford Stadium
  • Tennessee – Neyland Stadium

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