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Huntin’ Obsession is now Gear-Obsession

BY Gear Obsession |
November 16, 2016


Welcome to Gear Obsession. We are excited to announce the change of to Due to our growing user base and the broader interests of the users, we have decided to re-brand to Gear Obsession to better serve our community.

We are stoked about the change as it will allow to work with more retailers and give you cash back at a broader range of stores.

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Now, no matter your hobbies and interests: mountain biking, road cycling, rock climbing, skiing, snow boarding, golf, tennis, motor sports, hunting, fishing, travel, DIY home projects, auto building and repair, camping, hiking, baseball, photography, swimming, running, weight lifting, kayaking, boating, etc… We have stores for you to shop at and we’ll do our best to provide gear reviews to help you decide which gear to outfit yourself with.

How it works – No Fees, Tricks, or Gimmicks

There are no fees, ticks, or gimmicks either. All you have to do become a member by signing up using your email address and begin your shopping trip at Once at Gear Obsession, click on the store link that you’d like to shop at and you will be be transferred to the retailers home page where you can begin shopping.

Nothing about your shopping experience with the retailer will change. By clicking on the retailer’s link at Gear Obsession, a cooke is placed on your browser so that your purchase can be tracked and your cash back can be rewarded.

We are excited to launch Our goal is to get you outdoors and on adventures equipped with the best gear out there. Check out our FAQs for more info and let us know if you have any questions.


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