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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gear Obsession work?

1)   Sign up

  • Create a free Gear Obsession account. All you need is your email address

2)   Shop

  • Begin your shopping at Gear Obsession. Click on any store or banner to be redirected to the retailer’s site and begin your shopping. You must have cookies enabled so the store can identify you as a Gear Obsession member.

3)   Get Cash Back

  • We’ll pay you cash back for every purchase you make at any of our partner’s stores when you begin your shopping trip at Gear Obsession. Simply tell us where to send the money. We can send you a check or transfer it straight to your Pay Pal account.

4)   Refer Your Friends

  • Use your custom Refer-A-Friend link to earn extra cash so you can do more shopping!



What is Gear Obsession?

Gear Obsession is an online shopping community of people who love fashion, style, and savings. Gear Obsession has created partnerships with hundreds of the best online shopping destinations and our goal is to help you save as much money as possible every time you shop with any of our partners.

We are fashion, style and beauty lovers ourselves and our goal is to provide you with the best content, deals, savings so you can maximize your shopping and do more of it.



Why Should I join Gear Obsession?

To Save Money and get cash back! Gear Obsession gives you cash back when you shop with our affiliates. If you are not a member we will not be able to track your sales and you will not receive cash back.



How do I use Gear Obsession?

It’s actually very simple. Log into your Gear Obsession account and click on any store link listed on our site. Once you click you will be redirected to the selected stores page and you can begin shopping. Nothing will change on the stores page. Your experience and prices on the stores site will be the same as it would be for any other customer. We’ll track your sale then give you cash back.



Is it free? What’s the catch?

Yes, Gear Obsession is free. There are not catches, gimmicks, or tricks. You will never pay Gear Obsession anything. The stores we partner with pay Gear Obsession a commission on everything you buy and we share the commission with you, which is how you get cash back for shopping. Joining Gear Obsession is free. All you need to do is sign up with your email address and tell us where to send your money


How Do I get started?

All you need is an email address to sign up. To get cash back, simply click on a store link on our site and begin shopping. We’ll do the rest.



When and how often do I get paid?

Every 3 months, we send you a cash back payment for purchases posted during the previous quarter. If your cash back owed is not $5 or greater we will carry it over and add it to the next quarter’s payment.



How do I get paid?

We can pay you by check or Pay Pal. Be sure to select your preferred payment method and ensure that your information is correct. If you select to be paid with a check, you will need to provide a mailing address in your profile.



How quickly is cash back credited to my account?

Most cash back rewards are credited within 48 hours. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your cash back.

If you are wondering about a purchase that isn’t showing up in your account simply submit an inquiry on the contact us page and we’ll check with the retailer?



How Do I get started?

All you need is an email address to sign up. To get cash back, simply click on a store link on our site and begin shopping. We’ll do the rest.



How do I make sure that I am earning cash back?

Purchases you make at Gear Obsession stores are only credited if you start your shopping session at and have your cookies enabled.

If you click through Gear Obsession and make a purchase, then surf elsewhere on the Web and return to that store and make a second purchase, your second purchase will not earn a cash back reward. (You must click through a Gear Obsession link every time you shop at a store site.) If you use multiple windows on your browser, the window in which you shop at the store must have come from a Gear Obsession link.


Why did I not earn cash back on a certain order? 

Gear Obsession and the partnering retailer uses internet browsing cookies to track you click and purchase. The most common reason cash back is not earned is your web browser has cookies turned off. On your web browser, ensure you have cookies enabled before you click on the retailers’ links.

Also, if after you click on the retailer’s link on Gear Obsession, you leave the retailers page to browser the web, look for coupons, or reviews, etc.. you cookie will expire. If you do this, come back to and click on the retailer’s link before you make the purchase.

If you feel you should have received cash back but didn’t send us an email at with the retailer name, order number, order date, and the order amount before shipping and taxes and we can submit an inquiry with the retailer. The retailer then will either accept or deny the request. The timing of the decision varies by retailer.


What if I want to return or cancel an order?

Returns are subject to the return policy of the store from which you purchased your product. If you return or cancel an item, we have to reverse any cash back earned from that sale.

Exchanges also usually reverse cash back awards. In the process of an exchange, the store cancels the old order and replaces it with a new one. When the store creates the new order, it usually fails to capture the referral from Gear Obsession and credit us a commission.

To avoid losing cash back on an exchange, we recommend returning the merchandise and making a new transaction using Gear Obsession.


Can I use Gear Obsession if I live outside the U.S. and Canada?

Yes, as long as the store you are purchasing from will ship outside of the U.S. and Canada. All cash back payments are made in U.S. dollars and you must have a pay pal account to receive your cash back check.


How do I earn cash for referring a friend?

Submit their email address or use your unique link provided by Gear Obsession in your My Account Refer a Friend page. Share your unique link on your social media accounts, or email it to your friends. You will be rewarded when your friends click on the link and sign up for Gear Obsession and makes a purchase over $50 with 45 days of signing up. Your gift card will be emailed to you 45 days after your friend has made their first qualifying purchase.



What does my friend have to do?

Your friend must click on your unique link and sign up for Gear Obsession and make a purchase of $50 or more within 45 days.



Will my friend receive unwanted emails from Gear Obsession?

We respect your friend’s privacy. We will only send an email invitation to your friend if you request us to do so. Once your friend signs up, they will be able to tailor their Gear Obsession email subscriptions.